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Magda and Jason Schappert - Schappert Academy Founders

What if we showed up everyday to be a better version of ourselves? Not losing ground, but gaining more each day. More knowledge, more understanding, more wisdom, more real-world skills.

Magda & Jason Schappert live by the standard “What doesn’t grow, dies”. They believe there is no in between, but a constant ongoing process.

Magda and Jason set out to equip the next generation with the skills they need to succeed by sharing their greatest successes and failures in life and business. This wisdom is shared through their Private Online K-12 School, Schappert Academy and their newly founded Schappert College.

Schappert Academy is a 100% online K-12 for school on everyone’s schedule! Students can complete a semester in as little as 6 weeks or as long as 24 works and have the opportunity to do their school work when it’s best for their schedule. However all school work is graded and corrected by a teacher. Each week your students will sit down for a virtual 1 on 1 with their teacher for tutoring, mentorship, and coaching.  Students enrolled in Schappert Academy have opportunities to take classes in real estate, aviation, business, healthcare, and various trades.

Magda & Jason’s greatest mission is to be a light in the field of education for generations to come and leave a transformational impact in our community and the lives of their students and families.

Jason and Magda Schappert Faces of Education
Magda and Jason Schappert
Jason and Magda Schappert