At Schappert Academy Your Children Experience…

School On

Your Schedule


Flexible Start Dates

School starts when you say go! No more waiting for a “fall semester” to begin. Want to work through summer and get ahead? No problem! Taking an extended family vacation? Also no problem! We specialize in continuous enrollment. Schappert Academy students can start at anytime and aren’t bound by a traditional school calendar.

Schappert Academy defines a semester as 6 courses. Students are able to complete a semesters worth of work in as little as 6 weeks or take as long as 20 weeks.

Students are able to login at anytime that is convenient for them 24/7. The only scheduled activities students will have are their weekly coaching calls with their teacher.


Our Mission & Vision

The mission of Schappert Academy is to provide dedicated, experienced, and knowledgeable educators to guide our students  in a supportive environment that promotes real-world competency based learning.

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